What's this all about?

Fayetteville Street Art was inspired by a road trip to Kansas City, during which I wanted to take a driving tour of the street art there. I searched the internet to figure out where I should go to find some murals, and after the search — well, I felt like I had pretty much already seen all of KC's street art from my laptop screen.

I found myself wishing there was a way to find out where the street art in a town is located without actually seeing the street art, since half the fun is getting to see it for the first time in person.

This site is my attempt to provide exactly that — a "no spoilers" experience — for anyone interested in touring the street art of Fayetteville, AR.

That said, for anyone who really wants to look at photos, there are a whole bunch of photos here, too.

Who took the photos on this site?

I did, and forgive me for that. I'm a person who owns a camera... not a photographer.

What are you counting as "street art"?

So glad you asked! Here's the criteria I'm using for any Fayetteville mural to be included on this site:

  • It must be at least partially visible from the street.
  • It must be painted directly onto a permanent, standing structure. (No signs.)
  • It can't only be the name, logo, or tagline of a business. Having the name or logo of a business somewhere in the mural doesn't necessarily disqualify it, but there has to be more to the mural than just that.
  • It can't be on a residential home. (I only know of one of these in town anyway, but I don't want to annoy anyone by posting photos of their house online without permission.)

What about the painted electrical boxes in town?

Fair question! There are some ridiculously cool ones.

For now, I'm not adding them to this site simply because there are so many that I fear they would drown out the other murals. That said, if you tour all of the murals on this site, you'll drive by a bunch of these.

Also note that the City of Fayetteville maintains a map of publicly funded art that not only includes many of the painted electrical boxes in town, but also the painted storm drains, artsy bike racks, statues, benches, and murals that are only accessible by trail. Check out their map here. (Fair warning: photos await!)

You missed a mural! How do I contact you?

I'm sure there are some I've missed, and I'm happy to add more!

Just to save us both some time, please review the answer to the What are you counting as "street art"? question above to make sure that the mural you'd like to see added meets the criteria for this site. If it does, feel free to email me with the address of the mural, and I'll get it added as soon as I can.